JUUL Makes Smoking Stylish Without the Mess


They say that smoking is a dirty habit. JUUL is now making it cleaner with their stylish new e-cigarette. Developed by PAX Labs in San Francisco, JUUL is the only alternative smoking product that delivers a nicotine experience so close to smoking a real cigarette that it may just fool you. JUUL has twice the nicotine strength and three times more vapor than its leading competitors. Unlike other e-cigarettes, JUUL uses nicotine salts found in leaf tobacco as its core ingredient, instead of free-base nicotine. JUUL is beautifully designed, accentuating the reason why many people start smoking – it looks cool. JUUL looks stylish and elegant, without the ashy mess and side-effects of traditional cigarette-smoking.

The e-cigarette uses a liquid-to-wick cartridge system and a battery that will provide you with up to 200 puffs per day before requiring a recharge. It comes available in four flavors: tabaac, miint, fruut, and bruulé.

Visit PaxVapor.com for more details. You can order your own unit from JUULVapor.com.


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