I Found My Fitness Again With Nutrisystem

Presented by Nutrisystem:

I used to be in shape, but after my daughter was born, things changed. I wasn’t sleeping well and my diet spun out of control, which caused me to gain a lot of weight. I know my wife has always loved me for my personality over my looks, but the weight gain made me depressed. It became worse because I couldn’t find the time to work out. I just wasn’t the same guy my wife married, and we both knew it was because of the rapid weight gain. I wanted to be myself again, and my wife wanted to help.

It was hard to find the right solution at first. I struggled to follow diet books, lost count of calories, and failed many attempts at sweating along to old workout tapes. It was obvious that I needed something that was straightforward and easy to follow. My wife helped me every step of the way, but I wanted to forge my own path. I did a little research of my own and found Nutrisystem. I knew about it because of their Dan Marino commercials, but had never thought about trying a diet plan before. I discussed it with my wife, and because we were both serious about losing weight, we decided it was worth a shot.

I chose the Uniquely Yours plan because it allowed me to personalize my diet with frozen as well as ready to go foods. We’d just finished clearing out all the junk food from our cabinets and from our freezer when the first shipment arrived. We couldn’t believe it, but I was allowed to eat lasagna, ice cream sandwiches, and even chocolate covered pretzels. The box was full of so many savory meals and sweet treats that I was actually excited about the diet. My wife even sampled one of the flatbread pizzas and was shocked by how tasty it was. We had to order my next shipment early because she ate so much of my food!

I loved the pre-portioned meals because I didn’t need to count calories or track points. Nutrisystem took the guesswork out of dieting and helped me thrive. I no longer struggled to put together healthy meals that we could enjoy together (I’d always put on a feigned smile for my wife’s inedible cooking). Instead, I was eating my favorite foods, like chicken enchiladas and stuffed shells.

After a few months using Nutrisystem, the physical results started to show and my wife and I are in much better shape as well.

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