Rowing Blazers x Bamford TAG Heuer Carrera | Set Sail with An Exclusive Limited Timepiece

Rowing Blazers, Bamford Watch Department, and TAG Heuer came together to create a limited edition 42mm ‘Yacht-Timer’ Carrera, the Rowing Blazers x Bamford TAG Heuer. Inspired by the iconic Heuer Yacht-Timer, a regatta watch used by competitive sailors during the ’60s and ’70s, the Carrera boasts a design that pays homage to its nautical heritage.

The 42mm Rowing Blazers x Bamford TAG Heuer Carrera captures the Yacht-Timer’s distinctive color scheme. It features a clean white dial, vivid blue Tag Heuer, Bamford, and Rowing Blazers’ text, 1/5th-second track in light blue, bright orange-red hands with pale-yellow accents, and water resistance up to 100m. The chronograph is paired with a stainless steel bracelet.

The distinctive red, blue, and green triple-register chronograph display colors, which originally denoted 1-minute sections on the Yacht-Timer, have been repurposed as register colors for the Chronograph on the Rowing Blazers Carrera. The ingenious use of cross-hatching on these vibrant color dials gives the illusion of ‘Ben Day dots’ commonly associated with comic book art and Pop Art.

In conjunction with the release, vintage watch expert Eric Wind of Wind Vintage will be hosting a preview of the Rowing Blazers x Bamford TAG Heuer from 6-8 pm on Thursday, October 12th, at the Rowing Blazers Flagship on 8 Rivington Street NYC.

Only 99 Rowing Blazers x Bamford TAG Heuer Carrera timepieces will be available for sale and will retail for $8,900. It will be offered exclusively on the Rowing Blazers website starting at 11:00 a.m. EDT on Friday, October 13th.


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