Ferrari 499P Modificata | Introducing The Maranello Carmaker’s Ultimate Track-Only Hypercar

Ferrari has recently unveiled the 499P Modificata, a non-competitive, track-only version of the 499P endurance racer that triumphed in the Centenary edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The 499P Modificata is a substantially modified version of the 499P that was built for Le Mans. It is the highest-performance closed-wheel car that Ferrari has ever proposed for non-competitive use on the track.

The Ferrari 499P Modificata, derived from the 499P Le Mans Hypercar, doesn’t have to adhere to the same FIA WEC technical regulations that restricted the 499P LMH and features a monocoque carbon fiber chassis with a double wishbones push-rod suspension. The major technical modifications between the 499P Modificata and the 499P include an electric axle and four-wheel drive that can be activated even at low speeds; the ‘Push to Pass’ function, which offers drivers an extra 120 kW of power; specific tires developed by Pirelli; and a complete recalibration of the suspension set-up, electronic controllers, and engine mappings.

Inside the cockpit, the 499P Modificata is still a single-seat environment with the same ergonomics as the competition machine.

The Ferrari 499P Modificata car runs on a mid-mounted 3.0-liter V6 engine derived from the 296 GT3 race car, with power sent to a seven-speed sequential gearbox. The combustion engine delivers 697 hp, with the electric motor contributing to deliver a combined output of 858 hp.

With the Ferrari 499P Modificata, Ferrari is also debuting the new Sport Prototipi Clienti program. It lets the Italian automaker take care of logistics, track-side assistance, and maintenance. Starting in 2024, Ferrari’s Corse Clienti department will organize the ‘Sport Prototipi Clienti’ program, which will run alongside other specialist client activities, including F1 Clienti and XX Programme. For the fortunate buyers, the races begin next February in Abu Dhabi, with stops at Sonoma and Laguna Seca in May.

No information was given regarding the number of examples to be produced, but we do know that the car will be available exclusively to those Ferrari invites to purchase. Each unit will cost around $5.4 million, which includes the car and two years of outings and trackside support offered by the F1 Clienti program. For more information, please visit the official Ferrari website.


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