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Hone Type 15A Razor

Hone’s Type 15A is the Razor Every Man Needs

High quality, award-winning brand Hone has brought back elegance and refinement to shaving with its 15A razor. The tool goes above and beyond the impermanent, standard razors that can be found at pharmacies and convenience stores. Rather, the 15A is a double-edged safety razor…

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Playstation 4 Slim

Sneak Peeks of the Playstation 4 Slim Surface

Photos released in an online auction have indicated that Sony may be releasing a new Playstation 4 Slim this September, alongside the PS4 Neo model. The updated and redesigned console features a slimmer frame, rounded corners and a clean matte finish. According…

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Ray Reinvents the Universal Remote And We Go Hands-On

Technology has become an essential part of households. From television to video games, there are hundreds of different devices at our finger tips and the Ray Super Remote seeks to ensure that controlling and managing your entertainment setup is as easy as ever.

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Feiz Design Studio

Feiz Design Studio Creates K780 Keyboard for Logitech

In its latest collaboration with Logitech, Feiz Design Studio has created the K780, an ultra thin black keyboard that sits on a newly integrated finely-speckled 'device cradle'. This functional addition acts as a rubber support that can be used to hold a number of items…

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Sony's Driveclub VR

Sony’s ‘Driveclub’ Moving To The Virtual World

Sony is set to release a virtual reality edition of the racing video game Driveclub, which will be compatible with the brand's upcoming PlayStation VR platform launching on October 13th. The game will come with new updates, including brand new racing tracks and an impressive…

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Sony Glass Speakers

Sony Glass Speakers Offer a New Sound Experience

Sony recently unveiled its latest addition to the Sony's Life Space UX Project - a beautiful LSPX-S1 Glass Sound Speaker designed to blend seamlessly into the environment while providing an unrivalled crisp, clear sound. The electronic gadget has a very unique and artistic aesthetic,…

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Sony Z9D 4K TV

Sony Set To Release Innovative Z9D 4K TV

Japanese powerhouse Sony is set to release the behemoth of televisions with the new, state-of-the-art Z9D 4K HDR Android TV. The luxury development comes as part of the company's Z series, which puts a great emphasis on innovative visual quality and high-end…

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JBL Charge 3

JBL Launches Speakers Fit For Summer

JBL has launched its new Charge 3 speakers right in time for summer 2016 and the amplified sound system lets you move with the rhythm, from tropical beach landscapes to poolside barbecue parties. The Charge 3 - a bluetooth speaker, portable stereo and charging device all in…

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Nest Cam Outdoor

Nest Unveils New Outdoor Camera

Nest is disrupting the home security industry with its new, highly anticipated Nest Cam Outdoor. Here comes a camera that can securely monitor the entire perimeter of your home. The model incorporates many of the same features that can be found in…

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