Sony Glass Speakers Offer a New Sound Experience

  Sony recently unveiled its latest addition to the Sony's Life Space UX Project - a beautiful LSPX-S1 Glass Sound Speaker designed to blend seamlessly into the environment while providing an unrivalled crisp, clear sound. The electronic gadget has a very unique and...

  Sony recently un...

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JBL Launches Speakers Fit For Summer

  JBL has launched its new Charge 3 speakers right in time for summer 2016 and the amplified sound system lets you move with the rhythm, from tropical beach landscapes to poolside barbecue parties. The Charge 3 - a bluetooth speaker, portable stereo and charging device...

  JBL has launched...

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B&O PLAY S8 Wireless Speaker System

B&O PLAY introduces the new S8 wireless speaker system that aims to enhance audio sound and performance for any home set-up. The BeoPlay S8's two satellite speakers can be hung on the wall or positioned with table stands. Whether placed...

B&O PLAY introduces the new ...

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Gramophone iPhone and iPad Speakers by Restoration Hardware


Restoration Hardware’s Gramophone docks for the iPhone and iPad take Thomas Edison’s phonograph invention from the late 1800s and blend it with modern day elegance. The iconic speaker horn from those early machines amplified sound with the power of pure physics, essentially taking the sounds from a small source and stretching it. Simply set your iPhone or iPad in the solid wood dock, and the metal horn will boost its volume by three to four times, with zero need for electricity. Though this isn’t the first horn speaker we’ve seen on the market, it’s definitely the sleekest and with two subtle color options in the mix as well, we think it’s one that will be a great addition to any upcoming remodeling plans.

NBS Audio Cables’ $200K speaker system


The E.V.A. and Butter/fly speaker systems by NBS Audio Cables has an exotic design that hardly resembles anything remotely similar to a conventional loudspeaker. The kit’s pair of 48-inch-tall pyramids intrigue us the most with a unique smooth, grille-free finish. They’re designed to reproduce music in a room via indirect sound radiation.

Giant Ear Bud Speakers made for Dumbo

We caught these over at Urban Outfitters and thought they were interesting to say the least.  They look like a XL version of iPod headphones.  These speakers are good for your dorm or apartment, but don’t expect for them to be a large part of your home theatre system.

A surreal sound solution, Giant Ear Buds connect to your PC, iPod or home system via standard headphone jack for stylish stereo playback.

They’re powered by either USB, battery or wall adaptor (not included).  Each speaker is 4″w, 7″h, 3″d.

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