For Sale | Steve McQueen’s Sun Valley Ranch

For Sale | Steve McQueen’s Sun Valley Ranch

The folks at Airows turn us to this massive 500-acre estate owned by Steve McQueen. It features two separate structures and a massive garage. The 4,500 sq/ft Pioneer Moon Ranch was built by the King of Cool himself and “is situated next to some of the most amazing hiking and skiing in the USA. The price? Only $7.4 million—which is kind of a steal considering the land, construction, and history.”

Steve McQueen Car Show at the Boys Republic in Chino Hills, CA

Friends of McQueen Car Show Hosted by Boys Republic

Every year, Boys Republic, a school out in Chino Hills, CA hosts a car show in Steve McQueen‘s honor. Why Steve, you ask? Well, he’s the school’s most distinct student, as he spent a few years at the institution during his childhood. He gave much credit to the place and made sure they never forgot him and they haven’t. The doors are still open, thanks partially to McQueen and the crowd is still at a respectable number. We definitely hope that never changes.

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