Myspace Music goes LIVE, bootleggers rejoice

The bootleggers on Canal Street are jumping up and down right now and for good reason. MySpace Music goes live, my friends. We don't have MySpace, but their reach is vast, with roughly 120 million users.  They signed a deal with...

The bootleggers on Canal S...

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Proof that Kim Kardashian has the biggest booty in Hollywood

Proof that Kim Kardashian has the Biggest Booty in Hollywood

In the 90s, Jennifer Lopez was known for her curvacious body and her ginormous booty amazing acting.  The 90s are long gone, and nowadays, it’s Kim Kardashian who holds the throne of biggest booty in Hollywood.  The pic above shows the last and final proof needed.

There are sure to be disputes, but not from anyone here.  This post was recently updated, because the previous picture just didn’t do her justice. How’s this one?

More images of Kim after the jump.