Bluelounge’s Portiko Extension Cord


Bluelounge has released the Portiko 6-foot extension cord. Portiko was created to expand the functionality of a single socket by creating a hub to work from. It comes with two 110V outlets and two USB ports, making it ideal for use in a shared workspace, living-room area or hotel room. You can easily plug in two laptops, an iPad and an iPhone at once. The USB ports will allow your devices to charge at full speed. The 45-degree angled plug keeps other sockets available so you don’t block a free socket or have to rearrange what is already plugged in. It comes in two colors: white and blue.  It’s compact and simple design makes sure it doesn’t clutter the workspace, and you can easily take it with you wherever you go.

The Portiko extension cord is now available for purchase on Bluelounge’s online store.



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