What Happens When The Chevy Tahoe Custom and A Polaris RZR Meet The Vegas Desert

When we think about Las Vegas, we get so consumed by the city’s casino-powered adventures that many forget all the things you can be doing if you hit the deserted landscapes that surround it. From finding a shooting range to hitting Red Rock Canyon or even driving a little further out to the Grand Canyon, there is a ton to see and explore. But during a recent trip, we got a chance to hit the unbeaten path in a fleet of fully-equipped 2018 Chevy Tahoe Custom Editions with Polaris’ RZR Dynamix in tow.

The Chevy Tahoe Custom floats effortlessly along the Vegas strip, and after a short drive from the airport, we found ourselves at one of our Vegas favorites, the Wynn Hotel. We drop our bags, relax a bit and get ready for an off-roading adventure with the new Polaris RZR Dynamix. The RZR is the No. 1-selling recreational SxS, known for delivering the ultimate combination of power, suspension and agility — making it impeccable for the demanding dessert terrain we were preparing to explore.

Once we’re in the desert sun, it came down to tossing on our helmets, strapping into the RZR and starting our engines. I can already feel the power that these machines hold and can’t wait to see everything they’re capable of. I press the gas and immediately feel a strong kick, I ease off as we slow our way onto the trail – feeling the rough terrain full of rocks and gravel and wondering how the RZR will control. I begin pushing through the wide open desert and eagerly give more and more gas. Once I hit a moderate 50 MPH I was surprised at how well the POLARIS RZR controlled while the RZR DYNAMIX Active Suspension made even the most demanding terrain and dips comfortable and enjoyable. With more than 200 inputs received every second, DYNAMIX is the only suspension that continuously tunes on the fly.

Seamlessly integrated into the RIDE COMMAND system, DYNAMIX also comes standard with a front camera and simple-touch controls allowing you to easily adjust to different terrains without deterring your focus at high speeds. After pushing the RZR to its limits, hook it up to a tow and hop back into the Chevy Tahoe Custom – making our way back to the Wynn to clean ourselves up from all of the dust we kicked on our adventure.

Pairing a Chevy Tahoe — Custom or not — with an off-roading toy like the RZR Dynamix makes for one heck of an experience. Deleting the third row from the equation, the Custom Edition of the Tahoe family delivers a lot more utility. Pack in everything you need and want to take on your next adventure. And though Chevy expects you to get rugged with the Tahoe Custom, they’ve done a great job equipping the versatile SUV with tech features modern explorers want in their vehicles. These features include 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot, rearview camera, an 8.0-inch infotainment touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, and five USB ports. And if that’s not enough, The Custom also has the option for driver assist features like forward-collision alert, lane-keeping assist, and more.

Check out both the 2018 Chevy Tahoe Custom as well as the Polaris RZR Dynamix in the gallery above and look for the Custom at your local dealer now.

Words by Moe Elgawly


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