The Rolls-Royce Cullinan’s Arrival Brings Ultra-Luxury and Elegance To Adventures That Don’t Expect It

Photos and words by Atif Kazmi for Por Homme

Wyoming’s Jackson Hole valley is one of the country’s not-so hidden treasures. Though the majority of folks might wonder what there is to do out in Teton County, some of the World’s wealthiest have been converging on this small town for quite some time. Whether it be for the Economic Policy Symposium geared towards the World’s central bankers or the vast landscape surrounding Jackson which makes for limitless exploration of the Great Outdoors. This is cowboy country but this is also where you’ll find one of the most intense ski runs in the country. But if rushing down Corbet’s Couloir at over 40 mph isn’t your think, there’s horseback riding, fly fishing on Snake River, and an impressive art scene that will have face-to-face with work by iconic artists like Andy Warhol, Monet, Damien Hirst, and others.

And so it made sense that Rolls-Royce takes us on an adventure here — of all places — to celebrate the launch of the Cullinan, the British automaker’s first-ever SUV. “Effortless Everywhere” are words Goodwood has been using to describe the Cullinan and Jackson was the perfect testing ground. And though an SUV is a departure from the norm for Rolls-Royce, it’s hard to deny the SUV market’s swift rise in demand. Blend that with the brand constantly chatting with their loyal customers, there was a strong case being made and one that just couldn’t be ignored.

For the Cullinan to exist, it had to be three things — elegance, utility, and capability. Where utility and capability seem to be prerequisites for all SUVs, what really differentiates the Cullinan from the pack is this air of elegance. Like all other vehicles coming out of Goodwood, this too commands a presence, starting with its immersive pantheon grille up front and accompanying Rolls-Royce badge and Spirit of Ecstasy. The elegance is in the details and the thought-out features and amenities that put the entire family in complete comfort and luxury. There’s an experience-focused interior layout so as you’re sitting higher, you begin to notice the theme of symmetry throughout the cabin and the confidence of this elevated vantage point. The tremendous array of landscapes and destinations ahead have never looked more beautiful.

Since its inception, the all-terrain, high-bodied car has been treated differently. Its name even strays away from the normal naming convention we’re used to from Rolls-Royce. And while most SUVs aim for a two-box profile, the Cullinan features a three-box layout that gives it more of a limo-style experience. This also helps to drive more utility which speaks to the infinite adventures a Rolls-Royce owner would take the Cullinan on when duty calls. Even while driving up the side of Wyoming’s great tetons or taking to unpaved dirt roads to reach our next destination, the Cullinan maneuvered with ease. And to prepare the vehicle for any off-road conditions, whether it’s dirt or snow, it takes the press one simple button. The four-wheel driving system makes the driving experience an effortless one indeed as it’s consistently supporting to ensure traction and handling aren’t even running through your mind.

On the road, Rolls-Royce’s ‘magic carpet ride’ puts the focus on comfort while removing outside and road noise, just as you’d expect in one of the brand’s existing cars. The ruggedness, the noise, the closeness with the elements (whatever they may be); these are things you would normally expect from SUVs and Rolls-Royce has deleted them from the equation. The stiff body can absorb feedback from the road while the turbocharged V12 under the hood brings the power needed to push through any and all situations. With that blend of control and power, there are definitely moments where the Cullinan’s agility and enjoyment dominate. The sheer presence and scale of the Cullinan is like nothing we’ve seen on the road and yet somehow, Rolls has implemented a fast-flowing roof line that’s dynamic and purposeful.

The cabin is just as deliberate. As with any Rolls-Royce, owners will be able to customize them in so many different ways that chances are we won’t two of the same on the road ever. The individual, immersive seating makes way for a more personal experience while the glass partition separating the seating area from the rear boot helps to create a near-silent cabin. Serenity seats extend the rears while the latest tech and touchscreens make the Cullinan a versatile force. And when you need to take in some extra luggage, the rear seats lay completely flat and that all happens via buttons on the door. Double press the lock button and the Cullinan actually drops 40mm to help in loading cargo through the rear.

Every time I drive a Rolls-Royce, I always think to myself — is there anything they forgot or didn’t think of and my answer is always unequivocally no. They’re meticulous in their approach and the end result is an SUV that invites you to explore more of the world and add with it a degree of luxury and elegance you normally wouldn’t expect.

Check out more photos of the Rolls-Royce Cullinan in the gallery above and reach out to your nearest Rolls-Royce showroom to see when and how you can see it in person.


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