T10 Bespoke Heralds the Age of Luxury Handcrafted In-Ear Micro Computer Systems

Klipsch and Ear Micro recently launched their T10 Bespoke line. The carefully curated collection of in-ear wireless audio devices marries luxury hi-fidelity listening technology and world-class craftsmanship.

The T10 Bespoke is a selection of very small in-ear audio micro computer systems that are individually handcrafted and made to order. Each T10 Bespoke features premium material construction like pure gold, silver, and bronze for the hardware, Italian leathers, exotic hides, rare woods, and milled composites for detailing. For the ultimate in luxury customization, Jewelry cast metal sculpting, personal themes and lettering, custom fine engraving, and precious gemstone settings are given as options. Each pair of T10 Bespoke pieces come with a portable gull-winged storage case and pocket charger.

Powering each T10 Bespoke is what the company claims as the world’s first in-ear computers. It features a full computer with both an ARM 4 processor and ARM 0 co-processor, a 9-axis accelerometer Gyroscope, multiple microphones, and other sensors. The tech allows users to activate all operations using voice control, head motions, and multi-gesture touch control.

Users can play tracks by shaking their head left and right, answer a call with a nod of the head, issuing command words to initiate transparency or ANC, and touching the in-ear buds to adjust the volume or fast-forward/rewinding a track.

In keeping with the goal of a fully sustainable manufacturing system, the T10 Bespoke’s patented chassis architecture screws together, allowing the T10 Bespoke to be opened for servicing, replacement of rechargeable batteries, or subject to a full swap-out of the internal electronics for an upgrade.

Prices in the T10 Bespoke collection will depend on each specific configuration and can range anywhere from $3,000 for the Apollo Bronze to $38,200 for the diamond and amethyst-encrusted Fleur de Grace Violette. The T10 Bespoke collection is available from the T10 Website.


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