Giant Ear Bud Speakers made for Dumbo

We caught these over at Urban Outfitters and thought they were interesting to say the least.  They look like a XL version of iPod headphones.  These speakers are good for your dorm or apartment, but don’t expect for them to be a large part of your home theatre system.

A surreal sound solution, Giant Ear Buds connect to your PC, iPod or home system via standard headphone jack for stylish stereo playback.

They’re powered by either USB, battery or wall adaptor (not included).  Each speaker is 4″w, 7″h, 3″d.

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Fall/Holiday 2008: Gytha Mander Bowtie in Purple

Gytha Mander was founded in 2004, so the brand’s truly in its adolescent stages.  You wouldn’t think it though with the classic ready-to-wear apparel distinguished by contemporary accents and elegant details.  This bowtie in purple is no different.  It’s made of 100 percent silk, so don’t go putting it in the washer.

This winter, we recommend getting the right bowtie for that special occassion.  Not ready for the bowtie?  Don’t worry, we’ll be letting you know which ties you must have.

Holiday 2008 is a homecoming for Gytha Mander—a return to the label’s playful roots. Look for bigger, riskier, more colorful patterns and pairings, plus daring contrasts, splashes of 60s panache, and plenty of verve. The theme of the collection: childhood fears and fantasies.

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Novo Minoru 3D Webcam

Looks funny, doesn't it?  You're probably wondering why it's got two lenses.  The Minoru mixes the two images captured by its dual sensors in one single stream.  This gives you 3D-like imagery that makes communicating on your webcam that much...

Looks funny, doesn't it? ...

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PS3 gets Flash 9 while Adobe releases Flash 10

We're not complaining or anything but it's just amusing, that's all.  I updated my PS3 last night when 2.50 initially released and we were pretty pumped to get Flash 9 (along with some power-saving features).  It's a big upgrade for...

We're not complaining or a...

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Blu-ray releases: Week of October 13th

The re-release many have been waiting for is set to drop on Blu-ray this week. American Gangster is going Blu and oh how sweet it is. When you’re reading this, I’ll probably be running to grab a copy. Addicted to Blu? No idea what you’re talking about. Check the full list below and click them to grab the best deals Amazon has to offer!

Dior Homme Angled Aviator Sunglasses

How many aviators have we seen released in the past year or so?  Hundreds.  How many do we actually like? A few.  The angled aviators by Dior Homme just happen to be one of them.  When we came across these...

How many aviators have we ...

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