Deal: 80GB PLAYSTATION 3 for $339

Sony says they won't be dropping the price for the PS3 anytime soon, but retailers are realizing that in order to compete with the I'm-desperate-please-buy-me price of the XBOX 360 these days, they have to drop the price.  Dell's making...

Sony says they won't be dr...

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What we love: Aston Martin One-77

The One-77 is the most exclusive and sought-after car to come from Aston Martin ever.  Only 77 of these will be manufactured, and unfortunately for us, all 77 have been reserved.  The covers were still on the car at the Paris Auto Show, but images have leaked online and we just had to show you guys!

Power for the Aston Martin One-77 comes from a 700-hp 7.3L V12 engine mated to a 6-speed ASM/SSM Automated Manual Transmission. Together that allows for a 0 to 60 mph run in 3.5 seconds with a top speed of more than 200 mph.  Each One-77 costs about $2 million.

Enjoy the images after the jump.

ONE Vote ’08

With a week left until the presidential election, it's important everyone go out and vote and have their voices heard.  This is the most important election for our generation, the generations before us, and the generations that are yet to...

With a week left until the...

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Daniel Craig: Next Bond movie could go on a budget and leave Hollywood

No one’s really avoiding the economic crisis the world is facing right now.  The movie industry is hit with increasing costs and not enough revenue which has left 007 Daniel Craig with some opinions of his own.

There are plenty of places we could shoot in the British Isles. If the credit crunch hits the movie business, who knows? Bond in the Lake District, Liverpool… or Birmingham.

It might be a good thing for the brand actually by bringing some “authenticity” back, but it’s been a while since we’ve seen Bond on a budget.  In order to save, maybe they should just stop the $300K Aston Martin crashes to a minimum.

Bond’s new flick Quantum of Solace hits theaters this week.  Check the interview with Daniel Craig after the jump.

Video: Budweiser Wassup boys endorse Barack

It’s been eight long years since we last saw the “wassup” boys from Budweiser make an appearance.  Well, they’re back and with full force.  They’ve released a two-minute clip that shows how their lives are affected by the declining economy and everything else.  It doesn’t stop them from staying true to what matters.

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The Change: Best Buy’s new logo

Best Buy's decision to change its logo has been long overdue.  At first, we honestly didn't know what to say about it, but it's actually not bad at all.  Anything's a step up from the old school tag.  The logo...

Best Buy's decision to cha...

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