NYT Now 2.0 Goes Subscription Free


NYT Now 2.0 is available for free. There is no subscription for the app which previously cost $7.99, and it comes with some new features, making it more appealing to a wider network of users.

When the app is launched, around 10 NYT articles are featured and between 20 to 30 articles will appear throughout the day. The app has been redesigned to show cards displaying news headlines, images and details, making it faster to access and switch between stories. New York Times stories and links to third party sources, which offer additional subscriptions, are displayed in a single screen. Users can also share screenshots of the cards with others in messages and on social media. The app is personalized and will remember to highlight new stories since you last checked in so that you can view recent news first. The popular Morning Briefing also now comes with push notifications.

Take advantage of the new offer and download NYT Now 2.0 from the App Store.


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