99 Homes Official Trailer


99 Homes is a new film about Dennis Nash (played by Andrew Garfield), who is evicted out of his home by corrupt real estate broker Rick Carver (played by Michael Shannon). The struggling single father has nowhere else to turn by to ask Carver for work with the hope of reclaiming his old house. Nash is quickly sucked into Carver’s glamourous lifestyle, but he realizes that it comes at a steep price. Nash ends up evicting people out of their homes, like he was evicted by Carver, and his situation becomes increasingly difficult to escape from.

The drama film was directed by Ramin Bahrani. It also features performances by Laura Dern as Lynn Nash, Noah Lomax as Connor Nash, Tim Guinee as Frank Greene, Cynthia Santiago as Mrs. Greene, Manu Narayan as Khanna, Cullen Moss as Bill, Judd Lormand as Mr. Hester, Jonathan Vane as Adam Bailey, and Alex Aristidis as Alex Greene.

99 Homes will be released in cinemas throughout the U.S. on the 25th of September.

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