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Red Bull’s Mega Swing Sits 6,000 Feet In The Sky

Red Bull has turned a childhood dream into reality by taking two hot air balloons, attaching a 125m rope to it, and having four daring skydivers ride the “Mega Swing.” Skydiver George Lettner says the goal behind the contraption was to swing…

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Apple September 7 Event

Get Ready for Apple’s Special September 7th Event

The day is finally approaching. Apple is getting everybody excited for its upcoming special event on September 7th with a simple invitation sent out to the media that simply reads "See you on the 7th." Set to be held in San Francisco's Bill…

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Paris Saint-Germain

Paris Saint-Germain Launches in LA

The world renowned soccer team Paris Saint-Germain is launching a new pop-up shop in collaboration with colette, the quintessentially Parisian boutique and longtime partners. Going by the name LA Galerie by Paris Saint-Germain, the pop-up shop is an intermingling of different lifestyle elements…

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KITH Nike Pop-Up

KITH & Nike Collaborating On NYC Pop-Up Shop

New York street-gear retailer KITH is collaborating with the sportswear powerhouse, Nike, on a conceptual pop-up shop set to open this coming Friday August 5th at 644 Broadway. The two have been working alongside innovative design firm Snarkitecture to form the 2400-square-foot expanse. The…

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Tesla Gigafactory

Tesla’s Incredible Gigafactory Opens to the Public

Elon Musk has large-scale ambitions for Tesla, which has been made glaringly clear with his extraordinary architectural endeavour in the form of the Tesla Gigafactory. Located in the middle of the Nevada dessert, the Tesla Gigafactory will be the largest building in…

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Verizon Lands Yahoo

Verizon Lands Yahoo for $4.83 Billion

The bidding process has ended - Yahoo's core business, including Yahoo's advertising, content, search and mobile activities, is now in the hands of powerhouse telecom company, Verizon, thanks to a $4.83 billion cash acquisition. Verizon Chairman and CEO Lowell McAdam released the…

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